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Orbital Buff

Orbital Buff is a premium car detailing service that offers a thorough hand wash, slow orbital buff for light correction, hand wax for nice polish, and finishes with a spray wax to give your car a showroom shine. Trust us to take care of your car and make it look brand new.

Starting at: $169

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Service Description

Hand Wash

A vehicle hand wash is an effective way to keep your car clean and well-maintained, ensuring it looks great.

Hand Dry

Get a complete car wash experience with our hand drying service - leaving your car spotless and dry!

Orbital Bu[ff

Paint will be orbital buffed to correct light imperfections as well bring a nice polish to vehicle. 

Spray Wax

Spray wax will ensure a nice polish and leave vehicle streak free.

Rims & Tires

Get your rims and tires looking brand new with our professional cleaning service.

Exterior Trim Protectant

All trim on exterior of vehicle will be protected with a vinyl and rubber dressing.

Hand Wax

Paint will be hand waxed to polish all exterior paint.

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